The Autonomous Trucking Caravan

space truckThe concept of self driving cars is not new. Various companies have been testing and perfecting the concept in the past years. While the concepts are getting better, there has not yet been one that has been fully approved for use in any country. Yet.

Now it seems Audi is taking it to a new level. This weekend it has let an Audi RS 7 race on the Hockenheim circuit, not piloted by a professional racing driver, but by a computer, driving at the physical limit of the vehicle. I’ve looked up a video on YouTube with the highlights:


While it is very cool to see an Audi RS 7 race around the track autonomously, the logistician in me got more excited by a project which Volvo published a video on in 2012. In it one truck successfully leads a convoy of trucks and regular vehicles on a highway. The following cars all mimic the movement of the lead truck. This would create the possibility for drivers in the following trucks to either rest, or perform other duties, normally performed by staff in offices. The concept can be seen in the video below. It would increase the range of a set of trucks, and increase productivity of the drivers at the same time:


Obviously Volvo is not he only company experimenting with autonomous trucks. The video below is from a fully autonomous concept truck developed by Mercedes.


Now imagine combining these technologies to create high speed caravans of trucks. Faster, safer, and highly flexible. 5 years? Looking at the current speed of innovation, that should be a walk in the park. Or an autonomous drive around the track…






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  1. […] Ok. Back to the forefront of logistics. Last Friday the Dutch Government announced something exciting. They will make the Netherlands a testing ground for self driving vehicles and systems. The Netherlands intends to be at the forefront. We have an infrastructure that is very suitable for self driving technology. The focus is on technology that enables convoys of vehicles to speed up and break simultaneously. I wrote about this last year October in my post The Autonomous Trucking Caravan. […]

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