Logistics, Drones, and Music Festivals: The Friend Finder

I recently came across a marketing stunt by Pepsi called “Friend Finder” which actually combines two of my biggest passions. Music and Logistics. I don’t have to explain the second one, right? You are here. It is obvious. The first one I have not talked about much here yet, but believe you me: Music is the other of my two biggest passions. There is not a single blog post on LogisticsMatter that has been written without music playing.

As a music addict I enjoy visiting concerts and festivals as well. Especially at festivals there are times when you loose your friends when going from stage A to stage B, or when you go to see something else. It can be tough finding your friends again. Pepsi have come up with the perfect solution: Drones! 100% marketing stunt in this case, but the idea is great. Talk about Track & Trace!


Supply Chain Execution Solutions company PINC has developed a similar service to enhance Yard Management. If you are looking for a certain piece of equipement you can use the PINC Air drone enabled system to locate it. The video below demonstrates its sensibilities:

There is also a band called Logistics, by the way, which actually makes some decent Drum and Bass. So there you have it. Both passions in one video after all 🙂

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