what3words: find any location on earth by remembering 3 words

I was sitting in the backyard, at blacked.award.buzzer to be precise, when I found out about what3words. what3words is a London based company, which you can find at index.home.raft, that has made it its mission to make it as easily as possible for anyone in the world to talk about a precise location. But how do they do this? They have […]

Dutch City of Delft Launches Innovative Last Mile Logistics Project

The Dutch City of Delft is a beautiful city. And I am not saying that because I am Dutch, or because it is so close to Rotterdam, where I live myself. Just take a stroll through Delft using Google Streetview if you don’t believe me. Delft has a historic center with canals and was founded in the Middle Ages, getting […]

How Uber-like Logistics Optimizes the Transportation Marketplace

Uber has recently been valued at $17 billion. Not bad for an app that basically does nothing more than be a marketplace for taxi rides. Here in Europe Uber has been all over the news as cities like Brussels and Berlin have blocked acces to their taxi marketplaces. In some cities there was talk of a taxi war. I have […]