‘Anticipatory shipping’ and how Ship-to Person is getting closer to reality

In June of 2012 I first wrote a blog post about Location Based Logistics, in which I argued that in the future parcels would no longer be delivered to addresses (Ship-to Address) , but to persons (Ship-to Person), where-ever that person is or will be. We would need to trust the parcel carrier with the knowledge of our location, and […]

Walmart’s Crowdsourced Deliveries: Interesting Concept or April Fools Joke?

Some questions just can’t be answered by a single tweet (see below)… So here goes: First some background: On March 28th Reuters published an exclusive news story about Walmart’s new plans to crowd source deliveries (1). The basic concept? At checking out of a Walmart store the cashier asks you if you would be willing to deliver a shipment to […]

LogisticsBI: Real-Time Delivery Dashboard for Small Parcel Shippers

LogisticsBI is proud to announce the formal launch of its new Delivery Dashboard platform for small parcel shippers. The LogisticsBI Delivery Dashboard provides online retailers, or any business shipping high volumes of small package shipments with a concise view of the delivery status of all their shipments. The tool enables the business to proactively identify and resolve issues with problem deliveries before the […]