3 Technology Trends Changing Supply Chains

It was some time around Christmas that fellow Supply Chain enthusiast Eytan Buchman, whose work you can read on the Freightos Blog, asked me if I wanted to put my thoughts to paper on which 3 technology trends would be changing Supply Chains as we know them between now and 2020. Of course I did. I was honored to be one of the […]

People + Packages. Crowdsourced Logistics and Cab Service in One

Last month I wrote about the Uberization of Logistics; A Crowdsourced Logistics model where (almost) anybody with a decent car can join the ranks of drivers. These types of services have been deployed for transporting People (Uber, Sidecar, Lyft) and transporting Goods / Packages (Postmates, Lalamove, Gogovan). Each has some form of vetting and maybe minimum requirements for type and make of […]

Dutch City of Delft Launches Innovative Last Mile Logistics Project

The Dutch City of Delft is a beautiful city. And I am not saying that because I am Dutch, or because it is so close to Rotterdam, where I live myself. Just take a stroll through Delft using Google Streetview if you don’t believe me. Delft has a historic center with canals and was founded in the Middle Ages, getting […]

5 Drone Delivery Concepts Perfect for the Weekend

Let’s face it. It’s just a matter of time before the first commercial drone deliveries will be done, fully approved and licensed. The question is just when and where. Which country will be first? I’m sure we will see that this year. There have been some serious and not so serious tests with delivering goods via drones. As the weekend is […]

The Uberization of Logistics is Now

Uber is moving into the logistics arena with the launch of UberCARGO in Hong Kong. The service works similar to UberPop. Something (optionally accompanied by someone) needs to be transported from point A to point B by somebody. Yes. It is the same as UberPOP, but with boxes. Crowdsourced Logistics in it’s purest form. Yet. How does this work? You […]

How Uber-like Logistics Optimizes the Transportation Marketplace

Uber has recently been valued at $17 billion. Not bad for an app that basically does nothing more than be a marketplace for taxi rides. Here in Europe Uber has been all over the news as cities like Brussels and Berlin have blocked acces to their taxi marketplaces. In some cities there was talk of a taxi war. I have […]

‘Anticipatory shipping’ and how Ship-to Person is getting closer to reality

In June of 2012 I first wrote a blog post about Location Based Logistics, in which I argued that in the future parcels would no longer be delivered to addresses (Ship-to Address) , but to persons (Ship-to Person), where-ever that person is or will be. We would need to trust the parcel carrier with the knowledge of our location, and […]

Same-Day? Right on Time Delivery!

Since the end of 2012 Same-Day Delivery is a returning topic on Logistics, Supply Chain and e-Commerce news sites and blogs. It all started about a year ago when large online and offline retailers launched Same-Day Delivery services. These retail / e-tail giants used the traditional model when it comes to getting the goods to their end customer, at least […]

Walmart’s Crowdsourced Deliveries: Interesting Concept or April Fools Joke?

Some questions just can’t be answered by a single tweet (see below)… So here goes: First some background: On March 28th Reuters published an exclusive news story about Walmart’s new plans to crowd source deliveries (1). The basic concept? At checking out of a Walmart store the cashier asks you if you would be willing to deliver a shipment to […]