The First Zero Emission Trucking Company

Climate change. It is real and it is not going away by ignoring it. We have to step up and actively do something. There are many ways to do this, and one the most important ones is reducing carbon dioxide emissions. If there is one logistics component contributing heavily to these emissions it is trucking. Zero emission for cleaner air […]

Carpooling, Yes, Carpooling for Goods: Sjipit

I can hear most of my non-Dutch readers think: Sji-what?? Sjipit. It’s Ship It written phonetically in Dutch. It may be the first time you hear about it, so let me start with how I first heard about it. I love LinkedIn and browse my timeline multiple times a day. It’s nice to see what’s happening with your connections, and it’s […]

Alternative Ways of Package Delivery: Boats, Bikes, and Electrical Vehicles

This past weekend was the last weekend of my Summer Break. I had two great weeks with my family in the South of France and one week around my home town Rotterdam. One of the final activities of this break was a visit to SAIL in Amsterdam, which entailed 8 friends, a launch, and two beer coolers. We saw a lot […]

3 Groundbreaking Warehouse Designs

I love warehouses. If I see big buildings with almost no windows and loading docks my curiosity is piqued. I want to knock on the door and have a look inside and see what is going on. With most warehouses, what goes on inside is the most interesting thing about them. Warehouses tend look bland and boring, especially to the non-logistical […]

Crowdsourced Logistics: Social and Sustainable Shipping. And Waffles.

A Crowdsourced Logistics concept is a concept that engages the public (companies and private persons alike) to seek excess capacity in existing modes of transport, storage space, and/or time. This can be a private vehicle, but also a taxi, (delivery) van, or truck. A lot is happening in the Crowdsourced Logistics Arena, with start-ups like Uber (UberCARGO), Easy Van, Lalamove, […]

Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management – A Book Review

I read a lot. I love reading. I go through lots of reports, research and background pieces on Supply Chain and Logistics I come across online, usually on my tablet. If it’s a hefty pdf I may put it on my Kindle, where I also keep my detective, thriller and historic novels, as that makes for ‘quieter’ reading. When it […]

Sustainable Supply Chains: Phonebloks – The Story Continues

I was sitting at Rotterdam The Hague Airport, waiting for my flight to Munich to board, on my way to Logimed when an article in the newspaper I was reading (NRC Next*) jumped out at me. The heading said: “A Phone Like a Kit”, and of course it was about Dave Hakkens and his Phonebloks. Dave Hakkens designed a concept […]

Sustainable Supply Chains: Phonebloks, the truly customizable smartphone

The interest in Sustainability is ever increasing. Supply Chains are being scrutinized and criticized for not being sustainable or socially responsible. People want biological food, green energy, and electrical cars. Dutch designer Dave Hakkens has developed a concept that would fit perfectly in a sustainable lifestyle.

CEVA expands in Singapore with new logistics center

Sustainability credentials help secure Rolls-Royce, Pearson and Pigeon as first announced customers Strategic regional hub strengthens international network Singapore, 22 August, 2013 – CEVA Logistics, a leading global supply chain management company, today announced the start of operations for its new logistics center in Singapore, located strategically in the eastern part of the island with easy access to the expressways, […]

Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management

By David B. Grant, Alexander Trautrims & Chee Yew Wong  Published by Kogan Page on September 3rd 2013. “This is one of the first books globally integrating sustainability into all logistical and supply chain related processes.  It will serve students as well as practitioners in getting good insights onto the topic.” – Prof. Dr. Stefan Seuring, Professor of Supply Chain […]