Fortune 500 Social Media Statistics

“All big search engines have already updated their ranking algorthms to include social media signals as a metric for search engine rankings”, says who made the Infographic depicted below. It shows how Fortune 500 companies are engaging the “general” public through Social Media.

The Social Media effort of Fortune 500 companies seems to be declining somewhat, looking at the graph below. It can be difficult to show what the ROI of Social Media is, which may be a reason for companies to cut back on staff needed to run them in times of economic downturn. Effectively running a public facing social media account takes a lot of time and effort, and time is money…

The Infographic gives a nice impression of the use of Social Media in Fortune 500 Companies, but let’s not forget that it’s not having a blog, twitter account, or fan page that counts, but what you do with it.

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