Fork Lift Safety – Serious Business!

LM125Fork lift safety is serious business. Accidents and incidents with fork lifts often result in serious injuries. Just last year the Fork Lift Truck Association (FTLA) in the UK urged all fork lift operators to step up and pay more attention to fork lift safety. The FTLA noted, for the first time in years, an increase of 4% in fork lift accidents. (Source: here).

Just walking around a warehouse it’s easy to see a lot can go wrong. It’s a good thing companies make sure their warehouse operators are well instructed and trained. Visibility of people and machinery can be increased in various ways, horns and other warning beeps can be added, but at the end of the day, it is up to every person in the warehouse to ensure a safe working environment for everybody.

If you search for “Fork Lift Accident” on YouTube you can look at many examples of what can go wrong. While some of these videos might seem funny to some, just thinking about the weight of the machine or the impact of material falling on persons, should make most smiles disappear. Have a look at the video below and see what happens when a fork lift bumps into a pallet racking upright:


Thanks to Matthew Pelletier of Compliance and Safety for sending me a link to the Infographic below, and triggering me to right this short post on this very important topic. Their infographic says it all:

Fork Lift Safety Infographic
Fork Lift Safety Infographic

You can find the original here


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