Creative Thinking Counters Shipping Damages

Shipping damages is a problem for any e-tailer or producer selling their product directly to consumers. The product is handled and packaged with care, but is then usually handed over to a parcel carrier to get it delivered to the customer. The problem is that not all of the people after that handle the box with the same pride and care as the employees of the producer do. For them it’s just a box.

Handled with care?

Not everybody is as careful and gentle with the boxes as they should be. Dutch bike manufacturer VanMoof had that same exact problem. A lot of their bikes arrived damaged. VanMoof design and builds bikes and e-bikes, which can have smart features like an anti theft GPS tracking module. They cost from several hundreds to over a thousand euros a piece. Imagine the horror of customers who take their bike out of the box only to find it damaged.

Out of the box

And then one of VanMoof’s founders had an idea. Let’s put a large flat screen TV on the box!  Twitter user Jason Gay was one of the first to share it.

Our secret is out! writes Bex Rad, Creative Director at VanMoof on medium:

Earlier this year our co-founder Ties had a flash of genius. Our boxes are about the same size as a (really really reaaaally massive) flatscreen television. Flatscreen televisions always arrive in perfect condition. What if we just printed a flatscreen television on the side of our boxes?

And just like that, shipping damage to our bikes dropped by 70–80%.

As we go from tiny Amsterdam bike-maker to global city-cycling company, this bike box hack has got us thinking about the power of small tweaks with disproportionate impact.

Do check out their bikes at They look amazing.


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