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Logistics in the News – Week 40 A lot of interesting things in the news this week, which you may have missed. Please find a roundup of the main news and background items for the past week below. You can read the full articles by clicking the link in the tweets. Online supermarket Amazon Most people, including myself are still shopping for […]

The First Ship-to Person Delivery System Has Just Been Patented. Bring It To Me!

Ship-to-Person? Yes! Ship-to Person! Ship-to Address is so last century. And amazon has just patented a drone-enabled ship-to person delivery method. I first wrote about ship-to person replacing the ship-to address in my post Location Based Logistics – Why Forecast should have stayed, halfway through 2012. The premise is simple: why have a person stay at one location if the […]

Logistics in the News – Week 10

It was a good week, and a good weekend as well (I know I’m later than usual with the weekly digest). My wife was away for a training this weekend, so it was just me and the twins. Had great fun, but spent quite some time today getting the house back into shape. And the things you eat when you let […]

See the Robots at Work That Amazon Just Bought

Amazon spent around $1.2 billion on, a large online shoe retailer. Recently they took out their wallet again, and this time for the second biggest spend in their history. Amazon will pay $775 million for Kiva Systems, which produces robots that move around goods in warehouses. Will the robots start replacing all personnel in the Amazon DCs? No, but […]