Logistics in the News – Week 6

Ā I have decided to try something new on LogisticsMatter. The concept itself is not new, it’s new on this blog. šŸ™‚ Every workday between 14h00 and about 18h00 CET a selection of the best Logistics and Supply Chain news and background stories is tweeted through @LogisticsMatter. What I will (try to) do is give a quick weekly round up of […]

LogisticsMatter Recognized as Top Logistics Influencer on Twitter. A Thank You Note

Friday last week I received a really nice tweet from the people at Quintiq, which said that @LogisticsMatter was on a Top 12 list of Logistics Influencers on Twitter, which they had just published. So cool. It’s always great if you are recognized for what you are doing. I started the Twitter account @LogisticsMatter in April of 2010 out of […]

5 Drone Delivery Concepts Perfect for the Weekend

Let’s face it. It’s just a matter of time before the first commercial drone deliveries will be done, fully approved and licensed. The question is just when and where. Which country will be first? I’m sureĀ we will see that this year. There have been some serious and not so serious tests with delivering goods via drones. As the weekend is […]

Top 5 LogisticsMatter Blog Posts of 2014

It’s been another great year for LogisticsMatter. I’veĀ been invited to and visited several great events, presentations, and companies, and wished I didn’t have to say no to some (but thanks again for the invitation, Daniel…). Also met a lot of interesting new people, who gave me inspiration and ideas. I had fun, and intend to keep doing that in 2015, […]

Christmas Time still is Logistics Time – An (updated) Infographic

In 2011 I wrote a post called Christmas Time, Logistics TimeĀ in which I described the internal logistics of the holidays for me and my family. Not much has changed, and it still is a challenging time when it comes to shopping, planning, packing and driving. This year there is less driving and more grocery shopping,Ā as my parents, my sister, my […]

Drone Deliveries? There’s a Pad for that!

Ever since Amazon released the video of their Prime Air Drone, the internet has been full of drone stories. It quickly became known that Amazon was not the only company working on a drone to deliver packages. A few examples: In Germany DHL Deutsche Post is working on their Parcelkopter, which has been making actual deliveries to the Island of […]

Logistics Market Snapshot – October Edition

Do you have that too, that you are working on so many thing at the same time, that one of the things slips your mind? If not, then it’s just me. šŸ™‚ I had it last week withĀ posting the Logistics Market Snapshot, so here goes! Each month the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics publishes a Logistics Market Snapshot with […]

Logistics Market Snapshot – August Edition

Each month the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics publishes a Logistics Market Snapshot with key Logistics and Supply Chain figures and statistics. Included are several Multimodal, Trucking, Rail, Air, and Ocean Freight Indexes, Industrial Vacancy and Rent Rates and general economic indexes. Please find a few encouraging statistics of this monthā€™s edition below:

Logistics and Social Media: WhatsApp move over. Here comes Deutsche Post!

Getting messages from one person to the other has been the main job of postal companies ever since the Romans started their Cursus Publicus, which was a state-run messaging service established by the Emperor August. Since then mail and messaging has been mainly a state-run thing. It wasn’t untilĀ the end of the 20th century, that governments decided to start privatizing […]