5 Years LogisticsMatter, and 5 Takeaways for Aspiring Bloggers

September 25th marked the 5 year anniversary of LogisticsMatter.com. When I started LogisticsMatter I never dreamed it would turn into what it is today. Since the start I have received a lot of recognition, as you can see on the right of the page. I am both proud and thankful for getting to this point. Let me tell you how this […]

Time for a Change: No More Press Releases on LogisticsMatter.com

Three and a half years ago I founded LogisticsMatter. It started out of professional curiosity after my first encounters with Twitter at the end of 2009. I started spreading logistics news and backgrounds with @LogisticsMatter to have a place to collect what I found interesting and to see what happened if I approached Twitter as a business tool. I never […]